[Ifeffit] Zinc Sulfite Reference Spectrum

Elisabeth E Feld efeld1 at lsu.edu
Mon Nov 16 15:15:57 CST 2015

Dear All,

I am studying the oxidation state of Sulfur using XANES and need a reference spectrum of Zinc Sulfite (ZnSO3) for comparison.  I do not have access to taking the spectrum myself and currently do not have any spectrum grabber tool to pull the reference from a paper.

If you could help me out by sending me a Zinc Sulfite spectrum, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you,


Elisabeth Feld

Ph.D. Candidate

Dellinger Research Group

Chemistry Department

Superfund Research Center

Louisiana State University

338 Choppin Hall

Baton Rouge, LA 70803

efeld1 at lsu.edu
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