[Ifeffit] Incomplete source tarballs for larch?

Johan Nilsson johan.nilsson at chalmers.se
Tue Mar 24 11:05:32 CDT 2015

Dear all,

Today I helped a colleague install larch on OSX Yosemite but we ran into some problems using the source tarball from CARS (larch-0.9.24.tar.gz). It was a bit of a learning curve for me as a linux user but we managed to install the prerequisites (exept for epics) using macports and then ran the larch installer without noticing any warnings or errors. The problem after that was that we could not locate the larch binary. The source tarball does not include a 'bin' directory and some other things that are found in the github source so we went ahead and installed larch from the github source instead. After that we could locate the binery and start the interpreter. Did we make some mistake here or are there things missing in the source tarballs?

Best regards,
Johan Nilsson

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