[Ifeffit] Data being overwritten in Artemis history window

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Mon Mar 9 13:55:47 CDT 2015

On 03/09/2015 02:47 PM, Jason Gaudet wrote:
> Ian, your post gave me a bit of deja vu.
> Bruce, that sounds very similar to a bug report I gave you (back when
> Demeter was in alpha?) on Nov 3 2011.  You might want to check your
> personal Email, or I could forward a copy to the group.  Even though
> it's many versions ago this might be a different facet of the same bug.
> Relevant text:
> "Take any of my "Ref" samples from the files I gave you and start a new
> file.  (Alternatively, use any data you have.)  Make a quick FS fit and
> let Artemis fill in the Path variables.  (Although I see this on all
> types of fits, and when I write my own variables.)  Make one fit with a
> "bad guess" for one parameter, like N*so2=1 for my FCC Pd, and for the
> next fit, make a proper guess of 12.  (This is only to deliberately make
> fits with very different results; this may also work by varying the
> window, etc.)  Copy the log for each result and set aside for a moment.
> Now, go to the GDS window and hit "Discard All."  Go back to the History
> tabs and look at the fit parameters again.  You should see the report
> from the last fit is unchanged, and the statistical parameters for the
> first fit are the same, but the guess parameters and everything below
> for the first fit are now overwritten by the values from the last fit."

Wow!  Jason, that either impressive or really creepy!

I concur that those seem really similar.  And I don't see any evidence 
in my change logs that I ever actually addressed that complaint. 
Apparently patience is a virtue. :)


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