[Ifeffit] Bug Report - (D)Athena Doesn't Open

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Hi Roberto,
Since uninstalling and installing didn’t helped, you could give a try by doing a System Restore to the restore point when it was working.
Try to Run as administrator if you haven't tried.

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Subject: [Ifeffit] Bug Report - (D)Athena Doesn't Open

I’m currently having trouble opening both (D)Athena and (D)Artemis.  When I first installed Demeter a couple months ago, the programs worked properly without any issue until recently.  In both cases, the command prompt and the splash screen appear momentarily, disappears, and then nothing happens - the program never opens. To my knowledge, no settings have been changed that would prevent Athena/Artemis from opening. In contrast, (D)Hephaestus and (D)Atoms open and appear to function properly. I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling Demeter in addition to installing the Updater 0.9.17, but I keep having the same issue. Any suggestions would be most helpful. Operating system is Windows 7 Enterprise.





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