[Ifeffit] Bug Report - (D)Athena Doesn't Open

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Wed May 29 14:21:07 CDT 2013

This turned out to be due to a corrupted %APPDATA%\demeter\demeter.mru

That file is used by A&A to populate the "Recently used" submenu under
the File menu in each program.  Somehow, Roberto's .mru file had
become filled with lots of null characters.  The part of Demeter that
opens and reads the mru file got confused by the corrupted file.

I have no ida how the corruption happened.  If anyone else observes
this, please report so that we can identify the cause and leave a
searchable record here on the mailing list.

Roberto was able to resolve the issue by deleting the .mru file.  The
only loss was the record of recently visited files.

Note that this is the sort of problem that is impossible for me to
diagnose without the log files, which Roberto happily included in his
posting to the mailing list.  So let this be a reminder of the
importance of useful, actionable bug reports.



On Wednesday, May 29, 2013 05:57:04 PM Rodriguez, Roberto wrote:
> I'm currently having trouble opening both (D)Athena and (D)Artemis.  When I
> first installed Demeter a couple months ago, the programs worked properly
> without any issue until recently.  In both cases, the command prompt and
> the splash screen appear momentarily, disappears, and then nothing happens
> - the program never opens. To my knowledge, no settings have been changed
> that would prevent Athena/Artemis from opening. In contrast, (D)Hephaestus
> and (D)Atoms open and appear to function properly. I've tried
> uninstalling/reinstalling Demeter in addition to installing the
> Updater 0.9.17, but I keep having the same issue. Any suggestions would be
> most helpful. Operating system is Windows 7 Enterprise.
> Regards,
> Roberto
> Roberto Rodriguez
> Development Engineer
> UOP LLC, A Honeywell Company
> 25 E Algonquin Rd., Des Plaines, IL 60017
> Office: Bldg. 2, 350-B
> Office Phone: (847)391-2582
> Cell: (815) 351-4481
> Email: Roberto.Rodriguez at uop.com<mailto:Roberto.Rodriguez at uop.com>


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