[Ifeffit] Installing on Mac OSX Lion

Nate Turner nate.turner.2788 at gmail.com
Thu May 9 19:31:55 CDT 2013


I believe I have successfully installed PGPLOT, Ifeffit, and the horae
suite of programs onto my mac OSX and have constructed executable files for
artemis, athena, atoms, and hephaestus. I am now at a loss however, as when
I try to run them they fail and say they are looking for _iff_exec. Is this
part of the Ifeffit program? After I built Ifeffit, I can't seem to find
any executable file that opens Ifeffit. Did I not successfully install

Also, what is the purpose of iXAFS program for Mac OS X? when I run it I am
asked to direct the program to the data files and there is a button for
each of the horae suite programs but they don't launch anything.

I am very lost by all this and would appreciate the help.

Thank you,

Nate Turner
Graduate Student
Washington State University
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