[Ifeffit] Athena- Demeter 0.9.14 importing data

Atul Bansode abansode at iciq.es
Fri May 3 05:28:20 CDT 2013

Hi All,
I am using Athena (Demeter 0.9.14) to process the EXAFS data of Copper samples.
Athena reads the data correctly however my problem is concerned with the importing the data.
When I import the data, in the Athena: Column Selection dialog box the Energy units is shown in keV by default. Since my data is in eV, I can always change the keV to eV and work when it's a single file.
My problem starts when I try to import multiple files where I choose Energy units as eV in the dialog box however this setting gets applied to the first file only. Remaining data files are read as keV which creates a problem for me to process the data.

Is there any way to apply same Energy units to all the files while they are getting imported ?
Or is it possible to change the Energy units after importing files ?

I appreciate all your help.

Thanks in advance !

Best regards
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