[Ifeffit] no so2 term in Artemis

Bruce Ravel bravel at bnl.gov
Fri Jun 14 07:37:36 CDT 2013

On 06/14/2013 02:59 AM, Lei Cheng wrote:
> Dear Dr. Bruce Ravel,
> My name is Lei Cheng, I am a graduate student in UC-Berkeley and doing
> my research in LBNL.
> I started to learn how to use Demeter for data processing and fitting. I
> got this very bizarre problem with Artemis (please see the attached
> screen shot). The so2 term is not showing up. (For your information, I
> tried with two different computers, Win 7 64-bit, Win 8 64-bit, Demeter
> version 0.9.17 and 0.9.13, Demeter is installed in E:\strawberry\ or
> C:\strawberry\)
> Thanks for your time and looking forward to your reply
> -Lei


The Ifeffit mailing list exists to handle questions like this one.  I
am CCing my reply to the mailing list.  Please subscribe to and use
the mailing list for any follow-up to this issue.  Here is information
about the list:


If I understand your issue, it is a fairly minor one.  The label that
says "S02" is not being displayed, but otherwise Artemis works as
expected.  Is that correct?  Are you able to perform fits with
Artemis?  Are you able to access the context menu (normally, one would
right click on that label -- see about halfway down this page:

I have not observed this behavior on any of my windows machines nor on
those of any of the folks who visit my beamline.  So I am not sure how
to proceed.

I am suspicious that this is a locale issue, that is, an issue with
how fonts and unicode characters are displayed on your machine.

Your name suggests that you may be Chinese.  Do you have your
computers configured to display something other than English?  In
applications like Word or Explorer, are the menus and buttons labeled
in English or some other language?  The reason I ask is that it is
possible that I have never observed this problem because none of my
computers are configured to display an eastern language.


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