[Ifeffit] Basic question in normalization and background removal

Bajamundi Cyril Cyril.Bajamundi at vtt.fi
Fri Feb 8 01:28:59 CST 2013


I have here a very basic XANES data processing. I am but a novice in this XANES analysis.

In Bruce's lecture  "Athena: Data processing I<mms://diamstream02.diamond.ac.uk/xafs-2011-2>" posted in the Diamond Light Source website, he used the Fe_lepidocrocite.000 example to show how background removal and normalization is done.  For the normalization range  he used the range 150 - 742.610 because his original photon energy scan range is quite long [ Emin: -200 and Emax: 800].

However, say that your original scan range is only short e.g. within the range Emin : -30 to Emax: 80, such that you don't see the non-wiggly range  and you only see the a short portion of the post edge range, how does one set the normalization range for this data? Since I'm very new to XANES analysis, I keep second-guessing my choice  of normalization range.

Your patience for answering this simple question will definitely help me in moving to the actual fingerprinting analysis that I need to do with my sample.
Many thanks.

Warm regards,

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