[Ifeffit] Feff 9.0 CFAVERAGE

Dreher Marian Marian.Dreher at psi.ch
Wed May 9 15:25:46 CDT 2012

Dear feff community,

I'm aware that the issue of CFAVERAGE not creating a xmu.dat output file
has already been discussed some years ago for feff 8.2; back then it was
suggested to make some changes in the source code and recompile or wait
for a newer version of feff in which this bug would be fixed. 
However, I'm running feff 9.0 and I still seem to have this issue. When
using the CFAVERAGE card, no xmu.dat or chi.dat output is being created.
Do I still need to manipulate the source code do fix that?

Many thanks,


Marian Dreher, Dipl. Chem.
PhD Student, Catalytic Process Engineering Group

Paul Scherrer Institut
General Energy Research (ENE)
Laboratory for Bioenergy and Catalysis
Office: OLGA/221
CH-5232 Villigen PSI

Phone: +41 (0)56 310 2937
email:  marian.dreher at psi.ch

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