[Ifeffit] Problem with Ifeffit 1.2.11 on Windows XP

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Tue May 8 09:07:44 CDT 2012

Hi Sunny,

On Tue, May 8, 2012 at 4:19 AM, 최선희(Sun Hee Choi) <shchoi at postech.ac.kr> wrote:
> Dear XAFS colleagues,
> I use Ifeffit 1.2.11 on Windows 7 machine with no difficulty, but that
> version bothers me when applied to Windows XP.
> One of useful tips is to select a value from the plot, that is the use of
> Pluck Button.
> When I try to select a value with pluck button, a wrong value is grabbed.
> Hardly a right value is grabbed!
> This problem also occurs in point finder. And, ‘Indicator’ does not work at
> all…I cannot see vertical lines….
> Please help me to resolve the problem.
> Sunny

Weird.  Of course, it works on many XP systems.  And it sounds like
this problem is exclusively with the GrWin plotting system.  My
initial thoughts would be to:
  a) try re-installing
  b) try looking throughout the registry for 'grwin' and remove any
references there.
  b) try replacing the grwin executable with one from

Another question is whether the Windows XP version is an
English-language version?  We've definitely seen issues with Windows
versions that used unicode as the default text encoding, though I'd
guess that you'd have different issues if that were the case.

Sorry that's not very definitive -- I don't think I've ever seen this
particular problem.


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