[Ifeffit] Troubles opening saved Artemis (Demeter package) project files.

Raimundo Lora Serrano rloraserrano at infis.ufu.br
Wed Aug 29 16:12:07 CDT 2012

Hi all,


I'm new in the list and I didn't find any problem like this one in the Mail


I have installed Demeter on Windows 7 (Ultimate version, SP1). 

Upon creating and saving a (new) Artemis project file I tried to open it
both by double-clicking or by first launching Artemis and importing it from
the "Open project data" option but the Artemis windows stick around a few
seconds, and then disappear, along with the black DOS window. No notice of a
crash appears; the program just fails to launch. This not only happens with
this file but other files cannot be opened also after being saved.


Any(s) suggestion(s)?


Many thanks in advance.


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