[Ifeffit] Request on behalf of V. Petkov

Anatoly I Frenkel afrenke2 at yu.edu
Thu Sep 8 12:23:36 CDT 2011

Dear members of the mailing list,

I am forwarding to you a request from Valeri Petkov, an organizer of a workshop on nanomaterials at the Denver X-ray conference:


We need an instructor for a workshop at the X-ray conference in Denver, Colorado at the first week of August, 2012, who can give an intro (45 mins) to EXAFS basics as applied to study nanoparticles  and then provide training/demo (another 45 mins) on EXAFS data analysis using some of the freely available software packages.


Perhaps, some of you are available to contribute to this effort. In that case, please contact Valeri directly: petkov at phy.cmich.edu]

Thank you,


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