[Ifeffit] Horae problems Ubuntu [11.10 Oneiric]

denis.testemale denis.testemale at grenoble.cnrs.fr
Mon Oct 24 10:07:27 CDT 2011

 Dear members of the list,

 I thought I would send this message to Carlo Segre (who packages Ubuntu 
 versions of Horae), but this message might be of interest to other 
 persons on the list, and someone else may even have a solution for me.

 after upgrading to Ubuntu Oneiric 11.10, I now cannot start 
 Athena/Artemis, with the following error:
 /usr/bin/perl: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libpgplot.so.5: undefined 
 symbol: XOpenDisplay
 Hephaestus runs, but I tried to plot something from it (i.e. f' and f'' 
 plots) and it crashes (with the same error).

 I uninstalled and reinstalled Horae with the sources list up to date
 (deb http://debian-xray.iit.edu sid main contrib non-free
 deb http://debian-xray.iit.edu oneiric main contrib non-free)
 but without success.

 I googled a bit about the problem, but didn't find anything convincing 
 (the only answer that is promising is unreachable).

 Among the information you might need:

 ##lsb_release -a:
 Distributor ID: Ubuntu
 Description:    Ubuntu 11.10
 Release:        11.10
 Codename:       oneiric

 ##dpkg -l | grep ifeffit
 ii  ifeffit                                             
 2:1.2.11d-7build1                          Interactive XAFS analysis 
 ii  libifeffit-perl                                     
 2:1.2.11d-7build1                          Perl extensions for IFEFFIT

 ##dpkg -l | grep horae
 ii  horae                                               071~svn536-1    
                           interactive graphical processing and analysis 
 of EXAFS data
 ii  horae-doc                                           072-1           
                           help file documentation for athena and 

 ##dpkg -l | grep pgplot5
 ii  pgplot5                                             5.2.2-17build1  
                           large subroutine library for plotting 
 scientific data

 ##dpkg -l | grep perl-tk
 ii  perl-tk                                             1:804.029-1.1   
                           Perl module providing the Tk graphics library

 ##perl -e 'use Config::IniFiles; print $Config::IniFiles::VERSION, $/'

 Thanks for your help on this one.


 Denis Testemale
 Institut Néel - Département MCMF
 25 avenue des Martyrs
 38042 Grenoble, France

 ph: +33 476 881 045
 email: denis.testemale at grenoble.cnrs.fr

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