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Luxton.Todd at epamail.epa.gov Luxton.Todd at epamail.epa.gov
Mon Oct 25 09:00:51 CDT 2010

I have a general question for the group. 

How do you conduct your LCF fitting routine?  Do most people allow Eo to 
vary for the standards, or force the weights of all of the combinations to 
1?  How do people judge a significant improvement to the resulting 
goodness of fit parameters? 

I am aware of most of the pitfalls associated with LCF analysis of XAFS 
data (over fitting data with too many standards, not having information to 
support the use of a standard in the fit, ect.).  What I am really 
interested in is how people fit and judge the quality of a fit after 
collecting all of the necessary background information? Or, what is the 
process/routine people go through during LCF analysis? 

 I have looked at older threads on the IFEFFIT web page, but I was unable 
to find a description of the general process people follow.  Additionally, 
if anyone is aware of a reference discussing the potential problems and/or 
solutions to fitting data using LCF that would be great. 

All the Best

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