[Ifeffit] probem with run Athena

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Wed Nov 11 09:14:46 CST 2009


... but you still have not answered the questions I asked earlier.
I'm willing to try to help, but you are not helping me.  Answer those
questions, and try to explain more precisely what you mean by "When
open SixPack" and "open Athena".


2009/11/11 康明亮 <kangml at 163.com>:
> Dear Matt,
> Many thanks for your answer yesterday.
> Since I am a novice, I am now still puzzled to use this software.
> I just want to process some XANES data for selenium speciation
> identification. As attached in the annex(three samples and four references,
> some have analyzed for several times). When open SixPack, I can't import any
> file from which attached in the enclosure. I don't know whether it is the
> problem with the format of the data. Thus, I thought probably I need to open
> the Athena, while it prompted: Cann't execute Grnd.exe....
> Sincerely wish to obtain guidance from you.
> Kind regards
> Mingliang
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