[Ifeffit] Xanes peaks fitting with Athena: no data on output

Price S.W.T. S.W.T.Price at soton.ac.uk
Wed Jun 10 04:16:31 CDT 2009

Hi Ismael,

I'm using Athena 0.8.058 (IFEFFIT 1.2.11c) with windows XP.  If you select the tick box next to your file in Athena then select "file - save marked groups to file as" then select the type of plot you want e.g. norm(E) or chi(k)^3 (I've attached the exported examples) etc the data is saved.  Using the import ASCII option in e.g. Origin allows you to open your file and produce a publication quality figure.

I'm not sure if this is what you've tried already or not but if it is, then you may need to check your installation.
Hope this helps,


Stephen Price
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Hi dears,

I was using Athena (Ifeffit version 1.2.11) to fit XANES peaks and it
worked very well. But, at the end when I try to "save fit as data group"
the output is empty (or almost). The only thing that I get when I save the
group data as "norm(E)" is the following:

# Athena multicolumn data file -- Athena version 0.8.056
# This file contains normalized mu(E) from:
# Peak hnvp (column 2)
#  energy Peak_hnvp

I have no data in the output! Also, when I click the "save fit as data
group" button, the plot window becomes blank/white, without plots! I
have to have the fits to put them on a high-quality figure for publication.
Interestingly, the fits appear in the plot window but I can not get the
data corresponding to the fits. I can just save the window as GIF or PS
files, and it works well. I use Athena on windows XP and Vista and the
problem is the same for both. I´ve attached my data file in case someone
would like to have a look on it.
For sure I´m doing something stupid and I don´t see where is the fail!

All the best, Ismael.

Ismael Leandro Graff

Departamento de Física - UFPR
Centro Politécnico, CP 19044
81531-990, Curitiba, Brazil.
Tel: +55 41 3361 3427
Fax: +55 41 3361 3418

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