[Ifeffit] FEFF calculations for Zeolite

Feng Wang fwang at phys.ualberta.ca
Wed Jan 21 00:38:19 CST 2009

Hi all,

My colleague is trying to load Pt into the cages of the zeolite_LTA. It seems 
the crystallinity was destroyed with small Pt loading (<3%weight)according to 
the X-ray and e-beam diffraction. I suppose this is not sth new, but it looks 
intereting to understand the local structural structure with Pt loading, 
maybe by x-ray absorption or energy loss near-edge structure. Do you know how 
I should get the FEFF input file for this complex? Also please let me know if 
you have any relevant reports or your own results for exchange, I will 
appreciate that, thank you.



National Institute for Nanotechnology
11421 Saskatachewan Drive
Edmonton, Canada T6G 2M9

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