[Ifeffit] too large screen size of the open-file dialog in Athena

Chouchelamane G.H. chouche at soton.ac.uk
Tue Feb 3 08:25:42 CST 2009

Hi Gleb

After loading your spectrum/spectra, the "OK" button is automatically selected therefore if you are not going through the different tabs available (preprocess, bin), you should be able to move a step forward by pressing "enter".

What you can also do is drag the window as high as you can and expand the window at the bottom. That should give you just enough for you to be able to click on the "OK" button.

Hope this helps


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One of my student faced with a 'strange ' problem with the last version
of  Athena (ifeffit 1.2.11.exe )
He is using a laptop Acer  ASPIRE ONE (screen size 9.2 inch) running
under windows XP.

The size of the window in the open-file dialog of athena is too big, so
that the lower part of the dialog containing
the magic button 'OK' is hidden (please see attached pdf file). We found
no way to assess to this part,
and consequently we are not able to open a data file.
Changing screen resolution on Windows does not help.

Has someone else already experienced this kind of problem?

Thanks in advance

Gleb Pokrovski

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