[Ifeffit] limits for second shell

Eugenio Otal eugenioh at gmail.com
Fri Aug 21 10:35:12 CDT 2009

thanks for the help.
Let me be more clear. I am trying to know the limits to use information from
the second shell, from XRD I found that the phase is present,  but I want to
know if I can use the signal to obtain more information about second
I have this sample and some more where I find a second shell signal, the
doubt is about how far can I trust in this information, is there a limit in
k-space to believe in the information of the second shell and try to fit it?
I attach the R-space graph with the same limits for the FT, there are still
differences, what should I check to be sure the information I can get from
the second shell is trustable and not a problem of the noisy signal?
Thanks, euG
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