[Ifeffit] [PGPLOT build problem] Upgrading to ifeffit-1.2.11b on Ubuntu from source

Gareth Jones gareth.k.jones at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 05:47:51 CST 2008

Hi Mauro,

Firstly, I should note that I'm still using Ubuntu 8.04, Horae 067 and
Ifeffit 1.2.10a (I had a problem with Ifeffit 1.2.11 described in
another post: "Ifeffit 1.2.11b terminal output"; I don't know if
PGPLOT was the cause).  I've always built Horae and Ifeffit from
source rather than use binary packages.

> First of all let me say that Ifeffit builds fine if I use the "pgplot5"
> binary package, BUT, as stated by Matt in the README.PGPLOT, Ifeffit
> will compile without plotting support in this case.

Interesting, I'd never even noticed README.PGPLOT...

Ifeffit "./configure --with-pgplot-link=-lpgplot" using Ubuntu's
PGPLOT package has always* worked for me, at least well enough for
using Horae (I use gnuplot to save plots to files).  I don't know then
what's broken in the binary packages from Ifeffit's point of view, so
hopefully someone more knowledgeble can clarify that, but if you just
want plots in Athena and Artemis the --with-pgplot-link method seems
to work.

[* Some Ubuntu versions needed "-lpng" and "-lX" too, from memory, so
if ld complains about missing symbols try adding these.]


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