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I apologize to everyone who Matthew did not even give a chance to think
but the excuse is that Matthew is really good! 
It was a saturation of the I_t current amplifier. Another sign of that
is too sharp a rise of the edge right after the pre-edge - it is when
the I_t signal  drops below the saturation limit.
A comment: the last time NSLS had 20h of stored beam lifetime was in the
20th century, I think, but it is besides the point.

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The most obvious explanation for why the post-edge scans line up and the
pre-edges don't is that the transmission chamber
current amp or V/F is saturated and reads a fixed value below the edge.
As the ring current decays, I0 goes down while
It is fixed below the edge, so ln(I0/It) decreases as observed.  With
this explanation, and noting that ln(I0/It)
decreased by about 0.05 in an hour, I infer that the stored-beam
lifetime is ~20hr.

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Attached is a brainteaser which I think is cute. Too late for the April
fool's day but still... 
Some comments: three consecutive scans of the same sample were taken in
this order: scan 1, 2 and 3. Duration: 30 minutes per scan.
If these data look unusual to you please tell us why and what could've
happened in this experiment. 
Those of you who send first three correct answers will be acknowledged!


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