[Ifeffit] Double picks on Near Edge region.

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  To whom it may concern,
Dear Prof.;
  Here have some questions about Zn doped LiNbO3 single crsystal
EXAFS fitting problem, we did the similar EXAFS absorption spectra
as you can see the attach reference paper Fig 7, that shows
double picks on Near Edge region, and our questions are,

(1) Base on your great knowledge, how comes about these
    two picks, and is it normal?
(2) On Artemis program R-figure display, we can find a great pick
    appeared in 0~1 angstrom range (k range=1~12), but we find
    this pick disappeared under (k range=2~12) parameter choosing
    ,so is it relation to question (1)?
(3) If we want to cut near edge contribution, how should we deal with
    these double picks? choose the rear EXAFS spectrum (aviod these
    two picks)? Or using Athena background removal it?

Thanks for your time and helping.
Pei-chang Tsai
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