[Ifeffit] Using FEFF8 with Artemis

Scott Calvin SCalvin at slc.edu
Fri May 25 16:11:46 CDT 2007

Hi all,

Thanks for the various advice and help! Rich Mayes' project works 
fine on our machines, which tends to confirm it's the end of line 
problem. I'll try Jeremy Kropf's suggestion, and see if that clears 
it up somehow.

As far as Googling "end of line conversion," it does indeed give a 
bazillion options. Going through the first 20 reveals that they are 
often hits from download sites that don't actually have the relevant 
downloads, but have figured out how to manipulate Google into listing 
them. The relevant downloads I did find were for expensive pieces of 
software that had the end of line conversion as one small feature. 
When I tried searching a while ago myself, all the simple, free 
solutions I found were for archaic operating systems (e.g. Win95). So 
if someone happens to know the name of free- or share-ware that can 
do this, I'd appreciate it...

--Scott Calvin
Sarah Lawrence College

At 02:54 PM 5/24/2007, you wrote:
>On Thursday 24 May 2007, Scott Calvin wrote:
> > Does anyone out there have a simple way to btach convert a whole
> > bunch of files from Mac CR line breaks to pc CR/LF line breaks? I'm
> > not part of the linux or unix worlds, but can use either Windows XP
> > or OS X methods.
>Googling "end of line conversion" returns about a bazillion options.

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