[Ifeffit] Ifeffit on Windows Vista

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Hopefully Francesc has joined the mailing list so he can read this.

A motherboard & hard disk failure on my home computer forced me to
purchase a new PC last week. The faster computer has really saved time
with all the rebooting and OS reinstalls that I've had to do over the
last few days. :( 

Enough said about Vista.

Unfortunately, the hardware is new enough that I can't get a Linux a
kernal to load to even start installing Linux.

I HAVE NOT tried to install IFEFFIT 1.2.9 under Vista yet. I am
volunterring to try tonight and report my findings if the issue is not
resolved before then.

The 2 things I am going to try (and that Francesc should try) are:

1) Run the ifeffit installer as an administrator (right click on the
ifeffit-1.2.9.exe icon to get this option)

2) Do the installation in the Windows XP compatibility mode. If you
don't know how to do this, check out


While I am not a Vista fan, I am optomistic that the combination of
these 2 things could work. They have worked pretty well for me
installing legacy software (e.g., my favorite spreadsheet program that
dates from 1997) and even the Windows XP drivers(!) for my scanner and
camera. It has NOT worked for everything, though (like Argonne's VPN

Since I can dual boot into Vista or XP. My personal solution will be to
use ifeffit under Windows XP should the install fail. 

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On Monday 05 March 2007 12:28, Francesc Sepulcre wrote:
> Dear Bruce,
> Is just to know if is possible to install ifeffit (Artemis, 
> Athena,...) on Windows Vista. If yes, please, let me know how to do 
> this, because I'm trying to install version 1.2.9 but doesn't works.
> Please, excuse me if this is not the correct way to ask about this

Hi Francesc,

I am forwarding my response to the Ifeffit mailing list (which is the
best forum for questions of this sort.)  To join, go to:

I am not in a position to comment.  I don't have a Vista machine of my
own.  Nor does Matt, as far as I know.  So we certainly have not yet
tested the software on Vista.

Is anyone on the list using Vista yet?  Any hints for Francesc about
getting the installer to work?

Francesc, perhaps if you could give us some more information about how
it fails -- screenshots, transcriptions of error messages, something
that gives a clue as to what the problem is -- someone may be able to
make a useful suggestion.


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