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Jensen, Mark P. mjensen at anl.gov
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Bruce asked,

"Does my answer yesterday to Øystein's question affect whether you need to move the shar folder? "

The short answer is No. In fact, I don't understand how your answer would fix Øystein's problem (see the long answer below). Though I freely admit that I have no idea at all about the intracacies of Bruce and Matt's excellent code.

The long answer:

Knowing that there were environment variables that needed to be set, I always ran use_ifeffit.bat as the first step. That Bat file contains all of the commands you said to use in yesterday's post. Regardless, your advice in that post doesn't work for me.

I can tell that the BAT file sets the environmental variables correctly. For example, on my work computer Iffeffit does not dwell in C:\Program Files, it dwells in Applications. After using the correct Batch file, The error message that I get trying to start athena from the command line is now

can't open C:\Applications\Ifeffit\bin\share\perl\Xray\space_groups.db: No such
file or directory at /PerlApp/Xray/Xtal.pm line 116
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /PerlApp/Ifeffit/Files.pm line 50.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at athena line 96.

Note that the Directory C:\Program Files\... is now correctly C:\Applicaitons\...

Therefore, it seems to me that there is an extra directory in the path for that file, and that setting the environment variables can't make it go away. If it read, "C:\Applications\Ifeffit\share\...." instead of "C:\Applications\Ifeffit\bin\share..." everything would be OK. The impact of the environment variables occurs earlier in the file path.


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On Thursday 08 March 2007 09:40, Jensen, Mark P. wrote:
> At that point, if I simply typed in the command for a Ravelware 
> executable, I get another error indicating that the application can't 
> find the file
> C:\Program Files\Ifeffit\bin\share\perl\Xray\space_groups.db.
> If I now copy the whole share directory into the bin directory, the 
> program can find what it needs and starts normally.


Wow!  Great work.  I'm going to make a FAQ entry that points to your post. 

Does my answer yesterday to Øystein's question affect whether you need to move the shar folder?



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