[Ifeffit] The IFEFFIT 1.2.10 at Win XP SP2

Joji Kuniya thinkpadt60 at silk.ocn.ne.jp
Fri Aug 17 08:37:40 CDT 2007

Hi Wang

     My name is Joji Kuniya. I encountered just as your file reading 

     I moved the file from desktop(??????) to another disk which is exist

     Ifeffit program, and changed the file name from Japanese (I have been

     using a Japanese model PC) to English. So that, Athena program 

     reads the files.

     I think that Athena program could not read the Chinese word in your 
file pass.

     I recommend to you that to change your analyzing file name from Chinese 
to English.

     Best regards

Joji Kuniya
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  Hi everyone and Matt

  To make the problem happened to me clearer, please import the data 1-4.Dat 
attached and see the result. The result on my Windows XP SP2 is also 
attached in name of 1-4.jpg. The case may be different from others.

  The IFEFFIT is downloaded from 



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