[Ifeffit] Artemis error message

Stefano Ciurli stefano.ciurli at unibo.it
Fri Sep 15 16:02:17 CDT 2006

Hi Paul,

>The program icon for artemis and athena is a short applescript 
>application (that in turn calls a unix script).  The source code is 
>in the Ifeffit/applescript folder (the top level artemis is a 
>compiled applescript applescript).  It goes like this:
>display dialog "Please pick an output device" buttons {"X11 
>graphics", "Aquaterm"} default button "X11 graphics"
>set mydevice to the button returned of the result
>if mydevice contains "Aquaterm" then
>	do shell script "/Applications/Ifeffit/bin/runprog -q -m -x -a artemis"
>	do shell script "/Applications/Ifeffit/bin/runprog -q -x -a artemis"
>end if

I checked. In my case the Artemis.scpt file looks like this (and 
indeed the strange symbols are present in all the scripts in the 
directory, so maybe it is OK):

I am worried about the red symbols: is the file corrupted? And if so, 
why is it? I just installed the package I downloaded, nothing else.

>As you can see depending on the answer received the script 
>/Applications/Ifeffit/bin/runprog is invoked (with different 
>options).  The shell script runprog is a bourne shell script 
>(written by Matt and hacked by me).  The -m option just sets 
>the environment variable PGPLOT_DEV to the value /AQT before ifeffit 
>is invoked.  The option list is:
>     -a)  app=$2 ; shift    ;;
>     -x)  $open_x           ;;
>     -q)  show_out=0        ;;
>     -d)  show_dir=1        ;;
>     -m)  device='/AQT'     ;;
>      *)  files="$files $1" ;;
>It should be possible to invoke artemis with an aquaterm graphics 
>output by using the line "/Applications/Ifeffit/bin/runprog -q -m -x 
>-a artemis" (without the quotes) in an X11 window.  Does this 
>command work?

It does. And if I launch the program in this way, feff6 is invoked 
and runs without the error message, the same way as when I launch 
Artemis with the artemis command from the iTerm window, but 
differently from when I lauch the program double clicking the Artemis 

Not that I am stuck at this poin (I can run my fits using artemis 
launched from the Xwindow) but I wonder whether this little bug can 
be sorted out.

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