[Ifeffit] how to creat a chi.dat

Bruce Ravel bravel at anl.gov
Mon Jun 19 12:11:09 CDT 2006

On Monday 19 June 2006 11:55, tony vitova wrote:
>   I will be very thankful, if you tell me how to create a chi.dat file with
> Artemis. 
>   My PRINT and CONTROL cards in feff.inp are:
>   CONTROL  1 1 1 1
>   PRINT        5 1 1 1
>   I am expecting it to be
>   in
>   D:\Program Files\Ifeffit\horae\stash\artemis.project.3\data0.feff1
>   but it is not there?
>   Is there another way ...?
>   Thank you very much for the help!

Hi Tonya,

This doesn't seem like enough information for me to fully understand
the problem you are having, but I'll try to make a few suggestions.

1.  In the Theory menu there is an item "Identify this FEFF
    calculation."  That will write enough information in the echo line
    at the bottom of the artemis screen to allow you to find your feff

2.  You will only find your feff calculation there as long as Artemis
    is open.  Once you quit Artemis normally, it cleans up its

3.  In no case will you find a file that contains chi(k) for any
    path.  To get chi(k) you need to use "Save this path as..." in the
    Paths menu.

Hope that helps.

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