[Ifeffit] Debian packages of ifeffit and horae

Carlo Segre segre at iit.edu
Tue Jun 20 01:07:29 CDT 2006

It has taken a bit of time but the Debian packages of ifeffit and horae 
are now uploaded to my apt repository.  Note that horae requires a new 
Perl module to be installed (libtext-glob-per) and so will have to be 
upgraded expplicitly.  Also note that if you are using the "etch" or 
"sid" versions of the packages, that a new version of pgplot5 will be also 
installed.  This is to correct a serious bug that exists in the Debian 
version at this time.  Thanks to Ken McIvor for fixing this.  hopefully a 
new official Debian version will be coming out soon to fix this 

The repositories for the various distributions are, as always:

# For the stable (sarge) distribution
     deb http://fermi.phys.iit.edu/debian/sarge binary/
     deb-src http://fermi.phys.iit.edu/debian/sarge source/

# For the testing (etch) distribution
     deb http://fermi.phys.iit.edu/debian/etch binary/
     deb-src http://fermi.phys.iit.edu/debian/etch source/

# For the unstable (sid) distribution
     deb http://fermi.phys.iit.edu/debian/sid binary/
     deb-src http://fermi.phys.iit.edu/debian/sid source/


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