[Ifeffit] Possible bug in Artemis.

joshua jason kas hebhop at u.washington.edu
Mon Jan 23 17:47:24 CST 2006

When I import a feff calculation, or run feff, the paths show up in 
artemis, but the description is garbled. What I mean is that the path 
description under Scattering Path which normally looks like

 	[+] Cl [+] O ...

looks like

 	[+] <?> [+] <?> ...

and if I save the project file and reopen it, it can't 
I have attached a screenshot.
Here is some info on my software
1) artemis 0.8.004
2) ifeffit 1.2.8
3) perl -e 'use Tk; print $Tk::VERSION,$/' gives 804.027
4) perl v5.8.7

I tried updating Tk, and that works about as well as it always has on my 
system. Most of the tests passed, a few failed.
This may be a problem with my version of Linux, or my version of perl/Tk.
Anyway, any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you very much,
Josh Kas
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