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Ivana Radisavljevic iva at rt270.vin.bg.ac.yu
Wed Apr 26 06:52:21 CDT 2006

Dear Mr. Ravel,

I have read in one of the papers of the authors A.I. Lebedev and I.A. Sluchinskaya that Pb scattering form factors in FEFF6 were not precisely determined. As I am dealing with the similar systems, Pb1-xMnxTe(In, Ga) to be precise, could You please tell me if this is also true for the FEFF8 version (if it is true et all)?

Another thing that bothers me is that all of the real part Furier transformed EXAFS spectra taken at the tellurium K edge, appear to have the first peak divided. Since there is no direct indication of the sub-shells' existence and having in mind the similar tellurium feature noticed in Your paper "Combined EXAFS and first-principles theory study of 
Pb1-xGexTe", I am wondering what this feature should represent?

I thank You very much in advance,

Ivana Radisavljevic

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