[Ifeffit] getting chi(r) information out of command line IFEFFIT

Bruce Ravel bravel at anl.gov
Tue Sep 27 22:06:37 CDT 2005

On Tuesday 27 September 2005 21:27, Sean X. Luo wrote:
> Hello all.
> It's been a while since I've written on the mailing list about this
> project, but it's come up that I need everyone's general input.
> Just a brief overview of the project: I am working with Scott Calvin to
> simultaneously fit 12 data sets in the command line of IFEFFIT, and I
> need to somehow get the chi(r) information for the fit out of the
> command line. I've tried around with the "show" command and the
> different permutations possible with that, but whenever I type in
> "show(fit.r, fit.chir_real)" (which is our guess right now on how to get
> the information I need out of the command line), it gives me the error
> that the arrays fit.r and fit.chir_real does not exist, or something
> along those lines.
> Does anyone else have any idea on how to run this?

Hi Sean,

I am not 100% sure I know which question you are asking.  So if my
answer misses the target, ask again.  Or hope that someone else is
cleverer that I ;-)

1. Do "show @groups".  That will give you proper names of all the
   groups that Ifeffit currently knows about.  Assuming "fit" is the
   correct name for the group you are interested in...

2. Do "show @group fit".  This will show you all the arrays belonging
   to that group.

3. You will find that the arrays in R have these suffixes: r, chir_re,
   chir_im, chir_mag, and chir_pha.  So the error you describe above
   could be due to getting the group name wrong or it could be due to
   getting the suffix wrong.  In either case, the "show @something"
   commands will help navigate Ifeffit's memory.

I would recommend explicitly setting the group names for the fitted
arrays when you do the feffit() command.  That is, use the "group="
argument to feffit() as described at
That way the group name is never the source of the confusion.  The
prefixes that get spit out of each array processing command are well
documented in the Ifeffit Reference Manual.


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