[Ifeffit] writing beam time proposals

Carlo Segre segre at iit.edu
Fri Sep 23 10:15:50 CDT 2005

You are right, it does not matter.  The judgement of the quality of the 
proposal is not, in my experience, based on the author's reputation.


On Fri, 23 Sep 2005, Bruce Ravel wrote:

> Hi folks,
> Yesterday I received an interesting question about writing beam time
> proposals.  I know that proposal review panel members at least from
> APS and NSLS are readers of this mailing list (perhaps other
> synchrotrons as well), so I thought it would be interesting to start a
> thread on proposal writing strategies.
> The fellow who sent me mail asked:
>  My question is, since I am a student, should my advisor be the
>  official PI applying for time or should I be the PI?  Is there any
>  advantage one way or the other?
> In principle, I think it should not matter.  Beam time should be
> awarded to a quality proposal.  What advice do you all have for this
> proposal writer?  What has your experience in applying for beam time?
> BTW, this fellow had been a student in a recent XAS summer school.  I
> suggested he mention that in his proposal.
> Regards,
> B

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