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Anatoly Frenkel frenkel at bnl.gov
Fri Sep 2 17:02:27 CDT 2005

Hi Bruce,

The things are about to change here. We have just got funding to start a
Synchrotron catalysis consortium for in situ catalysis/nanoscience studies
at the NSLS, and QEXAFS will be one of our first priorities. In a about a
year or so, please upgrade your linear combination module to handle 1000
XANES scans. Or, better, come back to work at the NSLS...


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On Friday 02 September 2005 16:11, Anatoly Frenkel wrote:
> Dave,
> Where did you get so much beam time? I am jealous...
> Anatoly
>> Bruce,
>> >It makes me kind of sad to think that some of these neat-o features
>> > are not widely used.
>> If it makes you feel any better,  I just used your linear combination
>> module in Athena to fit 165 XANES spectra.
>> Dave


You folks really need to get quick scans implemented at the NSLS beamlines!
When I was working at NSLS I didn't know what I was missing, now that I am
here at APS I can't imagine how I got by all those years without it. ;-)


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