[Ifeffit] Question with FL Database

marco antoni alsina corvalan malsina at puc.cl
Mon Nov 7 20:36:26 CST 2005

Hello XAFS community,

A while ago I wrote asking about how to read the Farrel Lytle Database and I 
get a pretty nice reply of Matt with the Ifeffit FAQ on "How to read the 
Farrel Lytle database" :P (I forgot to read that before asking!!)
However the FL database have several file headers, like the following; 

CUEDGE START STOP BEG FSCTS:  168620.  176900.  142200.    2000.       5.
 DELTA:     200.      10.      40.      80.       0.
DELEND:  169600.  167600.  159300.  142200.       0.
   SEC:       1.       1.       2.       3.       1. 

I figure that the values first line values are still motor steps, but is 
there a sort of "known" dspace and step/deg value for these cases?. Maybe 
I'm in other edge?
Any help is most welcome


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