[Ifeffit] beginner's question

Edmund Welter edmund.welter at desy.de
Mon Nov 7 04:23:39 CST 2005

Dear Ling Fei,

since the combination of XAFS with in-situ measuremnets is one of the 
most important applications of XAFS spectroscopy you will find more or 
less well equipped facilities at any synchrotron that operates XAFs 
beamlines. I suggest you have a look at the different synchrotron's web 
pages. And coming from Hamburg I suggest you start at:
Look especially for the beamlines X1 and E4. You will also find links to 
other synchrotron radiation facilities.
Alternatively you are welcome to contact me via my e-mail adress.

Best regards,
Edmund Welter

Ling Fei Zhang wrote:

> secondly, if if have knowledge of European based EXAFS source, could you
> suggest which stations may allow the user to have sample envrioement to do
> in-situ measurement?

Dr. Edmund Welter

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