[Ifeffit] Comments on the new version

Gerrit Schmithals schmithals at hmi.de
Thu May 5 08:45:03 CDT 2005

Hello Bruce,

thank you for your constant efforts on improving this great analysis
software. I just want to report a few observations on the new versions
of Athena and Artemis. I use Windows 2000, Ifeffit + Update 014.

- The file
still indicates an update level of 012. As discussed before it is easy
to update the windows version by downloading the updater zip-files and
extract them to the program folder.

- The csv-file exported from Athena as two extra commas in the title
lines so that title and data is misaligned.

- When exporting data from Artemis choosing "Save selected group as" the
x-value column is only exported if the original dataset is also selected.

- I was often not able to export data via File | Save Data/Fit/Residual
As | chi(k) (Artemis message below). I figured out, that it works when
the group of the original chi-data is selected in the Data &
Paths-window, but not when Fit or Residual is chosen. Another bug: if
one of the FEFF-paths is selected while exporting via "Save data as"
then the values of the original chi-data will be exported, but the
filename and header will reflect the chosen path. I was initially trying
to export some FEFF-paths using this method and was quite confused that
they all look the same :).
A tip that I can give to other users: it something seems to be wrong
with the exported data, it is always possible to extract the correct
data by saving the project to disc and opening it with an unzip program.


Artemis message:
Ifeffit checked for updates recently.
Tk::Error: Can't call method "param_summary" on unblessed reference at
temis line 7878.
 (menu invoke)
        main::__ANON__('Tk::Error: Can\'t call method "param_summary" on
ed refer...') called at blib\lib\Tk.pm (autosplit into
) line 402
        Tk::Error('MainWindow=HASH(0x219c69fc)', 'Can\'t call method
ary" on unblessed reference at scr...', '[\&main::save_data,fit,k]',
'(menu invo
ke)') called at Tk.pm line 340
        eval {...} called at Tk.pm line 340
        Tk::MainLoop() called at script/artemis line 1798
        require main called at ../blib/lib/PAR.pm line 260
1) calle
d at script/main.pl line 4
        require main called at ../blib/lib/PAR.pm line 260
called a
t ../blib/lib/PAR.pm line 226
        PAR::import('PAR') called at -e line 824
        __par_pl::BEGIN() called at script/artemis line 0
        eval {...} called at script/artemis line 0

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