[Ifeffit] Bug in artemis of horae-053

Paul Fons paul-fons at aist.go.jp
Mon Aug 15 04:06:17 CDT 2005

I have had been bitten by surprisingly few bugs in the latest version  
of artemis, but I thought I would pass along an observation of one  
that should be easy to confirm.  I am doing multiple edge fits and  
have in the past imported new data by using the project data item in  
the file menu.  Selecting this brings up a dialog which asks if the  
new (path) data should replace the old data or should it be new (e.g.  
a new feff calculation).  It doesn't appear to make any difference  
which option is selected, it always replaces the existing data.  I  
seem to remember that this used to work in earlier versions... In any  
case, a work around is just to use the open item under the file menu  
which then does generate a new feff calculation entry.

Oh, one more thing, as I recall Calculation is misspelled in the  
theory menu (it hurts to look at it as I live in a land with a lot of  
broken English (Japan))!


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