[Ifeffit] Bug in artemis of horae-053

Carlo Segre segre at iit.edu
Mon Aug 15 05:58:04 CDT 2005


I haven't seen this specific error, but I do see the dialog twice (which 
seems sort of funny).  When I first start the import, it asks me if I wat 
to replace or add.  Then when I actually select a file, I see the dialog 
again.  If I answer the same way twice everythong works as expected.

I have a couple of other minor problems which are annoying me in artemis. 
These might be a problem with my installation (Debian Linux with KDE) but 
here goes:

1. The most important is the fact that when I start a new project with a 
single data set in artemis, the "Data Control" box which makes the data 
and fit plot after the fit is complete is NOT selected.  I understand that 
it should not be under my control when there is only a single data set but 
it should at least be set by default.  The annoying thing is that I need 
to plot a fit by hand every time I press the big green button.  I have not 
found any flags in the preferences that might help this.  The good news is 
that if I write the project out, exit artemis and then reopen the project 
with a NEW version of artemis, the box is now selected.  If I just close 
the project and reopen it without running artemis again, then it is not 

2. In artemis, the default location for opening new files seems always to 
be in a place where I don't want it.  If I start artemis from a command 
line and try to import project data, it places me in the horae stash 
directory rather than in the working directory where I launched artemis. 
Once I have changed to where the data file is located and I want to import 
a new data set, I find myself in the same horae stash directory.  Opening 
a file with the open file menu seems to behave properly.  If I start 
artemis from the menu bar (KDE under Debian), then the open file menu item 
puts me in a directly somewhere in my home path (in this case 
/home/segre/junk) but I don't know how it determines this.  I suspect that 
it was a directory that I once used but if I move around to somewhere 
else, then it does not remember where is last was and returns to this same 
directory.  This default does not seem to be changed upon exit, it always 
remains the same.  I have gone into my .horae directlry and grepped for 
this default directroy but it does not seem to be in any of the *rc files. 
I am mystified...

3. I often find that the "X" boxes for the upper ranges of k, R and q are 
outside the space allowed in the main part of the screen. I think I have 
fixed this by expanding the main window size in the preferences (15 
instead of 14) so clearly it must be font size problem on my installation. 
I also notice that the fonts in the "Artemis palettes" window (with the 
Messages, Results, etc.) are not fully formed and hard to read.


On Mon, 15 Aug 2005, Paul Fons wrote:

> I have had been bitten by surprisingly few bugs in the latest version of 
> artemis, but I thought I would pass along an observation of one that should 
> be easy to confirm.  I am doing multiple edge fits and have in the past 
> imported new data by using the project data item in the file menu.  Selecting 
> this brings up a dialog which asks if the new (path) data should replace the 
> old data or should it be new (e.g. a new feff calculation).  It doesn't 
> appear to make any difference which option is selected, it always replaces 
> the existing data.  I seem to remember that this used to work in earlier 
> versions... In any case, a work around is just to use the open item under the 
> file menu which then does generate a new feff calculation entry.
> Oh, one more thing, as I recall Calculation is misspelled in the theory menu 
> (it hurts to look at it as I live in a land with a lot of broken English 
> (Japan))!
>                                                           Paul
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