[Ifeffit] Re: IFEFFIT: Writing more than 16 arrays with write_data()

Norbert Weiher weiher at chem.ethz.ch
Thu Nov 4 02:49:06 CST 2004


I think 100 is more than enough for most of us - I would have difficulties 
seeing a plot with 99 curves in it :) 
Concerning the urgency: I can survive fine with the 16 groups by now - it 
would just be great to have more at hand. If you have some time left, I would 
appreciate if you could put it in, if not, I can wait a little. 

Dr. rer. nat. Norbert Weiher (weiher at chem.ethz.ch)
Institute for Chemical and Bioengineering - ETH Hönggerberg
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