[Ifeffit] Log files bug?

Stefano Ciurli stefano.ciurli at unibo.it
Tue Aug 24 01:10:09 CDT 2004

Hello Bruce,
yes, fortunately there is a way around, but just in case this bug was 
not seen before, I thought of reporting it. Thank you!

>The log viewer in the current Artemis is a very crude hack.  If you
>find that it works -- great!  If not -- sorry!
>As a workaround to this problem, I'd recommend putting (or symlinking)
>all your log files into a single directory.  You might consider the
>location which is the default when you save a log file, which is in
>the project work space.
>As I mentioned a while back, I have split Artemis into stable and
>development branches.  The log viewer is currently being rewritten and
>will take on a very central role in the future in Artemis.  Since this
>feature is changing so dramatically, I am disinclined to work too hard
>on the log viewer in the stable branch -- particularly if a simple
>enough work-around exists.
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