[Ifeffit] ifeffit updater #2

Peter Pfalzer peter.pfalzer at physik.uni-augsburg.de
Thu Sep 18 03:54:30 CDT 2003

Hi Matt,

thanks for your response!
I've continued playing with the updater in the meantime and tracked the 
problem further.
The updater behaves exactly in the way you describe in your mail when it 
is run not from within the batch files but by simply doubleclicking the 
updater executable. The update is installed properly.
When it is started by the batch scripts, however, the main application 
starts up before the updater is finished and the latter stops working. 
When I prevent the main program from starting successfully (e.g. by 
deleting the ifeffit dll) the updater works fine. Maybe there is a file 
access problem once the dll is used by athena, gifeffit, etc. ?


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