[Ifeffit] ifeffit updater #2

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Thu Sep 18 13:16:28 CDT 2003

Hi Peter,

On Thu, 18 Sep 2003, Peter Pfalzer wrote:

> Hi Matt,
> thanks for your response!
> I've continued playing with the updater in the meantime and tracked the 
> problem further.
> The updater behaves exactly in the way you describe in your mail when it 
> is run not from within the batch files but by simply doubleclicking the 
> updater executable. The update is installed properly.
> When it is started by the batch scripts, however, the main application 
> starts up before the updater is finished and the latter stops working. 
> When I prevent the main program from starting successfully (e.g. by 
> deleting the ifeffit dll) the updater works fine. Maybe there is a file 
> access problem once the dll is used by athena, gifeffit, etc. ?

Hmm, maybe -- I don't think there is an access problem, but I'm not 
100% sure.

I just verified that the updater works for me as expected on two XP
machines:  I installed ifeffit-1.2.2.exe, ran athena and it said it
was using 1.2.2.  Then I downloaded and ran the updater installer
(ifeffit-updater-1.0.exe), which ran fine.  Then running athena
popped up the 'Updates available, should I install them?' window.
Clicking 'yes' brought up the second window, repeating that there
was 1 update available.  Clicking 'Install Updates' showed the
progess of downloading and unpacking the files.  At that point the
updater waited until I pressed 'Dismiss' before it exited.  When
this happens, the main application (say, athena) launched, saying it
is using 1.2.3.

That is, I'm not sure how the main application can start before the
installer exits.  I haven't been able to make that happen.

Sorry for all the trouble.


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