[Ifeffit] compiling ifeffit with pgplot on unix

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Mon Jul 28 20:01:56 CDT 2003


Should the INSTALL script be updated?  I thought the directions 
there are pretty clear, and do include this line:
  If PGPLOT is not already installed, you'll need to install it __BEFORE__
  configuring Ifeffit.

> P.S.  Carlo Segre is kindly packaging ifeffit into Debian package
>       files.  This is a *great* way for people to help out with the
>       ifeffit project without needing to write code.  If any of you
>       are users of Red Hat, SuSE, Mandrake, Connectiva, or any other
>       linux distribution (such as the über-cool Gentoo) and wanted to
>       contribute packages guaranteed to work on those systems, that
>       would be great!  Just let me or Matt know and we will help you
>       get started.  The same would be true for anyone using any of the
>       commercials unixes (Solaris, SGI, etc.)  which have their own
>       packaging systems.

Sorry, but I won't help build binaries for linux or other Unix-like
systems expect Mac OS X.  Installing from source is just not that
hard if there's a compiler and X windows.  It's fine with me if
someone else makes and distributes debs or rpms or whatever else.

For Mac OS X, I reluctantly agree that a binary installer is a good
idea because many packages from Fink are needed for Ifeffit to work,
and because pretty much everyone has had trouble using Fink. A very
big thanks to Paul and Jeff for the effort on this!!


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