[Ifeffit] IFEFFIT and PGPLOT on linux

Kelly, Shelly D. SKelly at anl.gov
Thu Jul 31 10:02:07 CDT 2003

Hi Matt,

Yesterday, I installed PGPLOT and IFEFFIT from the tar ball on your web page on a clean (no previous installation of any of the XAFS software) Red Hat linux box.  I used your script to install PGPLOT and was pleased that it worked just as expected.  I had one small issue.  When I tried to 'make' IFEFFIT, I got an error message saying that there was nothing for make to do.  I realized that the configure step for IFEFFIT was writing out a Makefile but that the current directory had both a makefile and a Makefile. One makefile with a lowercase m and the other with a capital case M.  So I removed the makefile and then IFEFFIT installed properly. Then I used the Horae script to install Ravel-ware, without any trouble.

Overall the installation went really well...Good going.

Shelly Kelly 

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