[Ifeffit] Ifeffit 1.0076

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Wed Jan 22 18:22:12 CST 2003

Happy New Year Everyone,

I've just posted a new release of Ifeffit: 1.0076.  This
has many small fixes and added features, including:
  - fixed plotting bug in which all legends were not
    always shown
  - added 'unguess' command
  - added 'window' command (generate an FT window without
    actually doing the FT)
  - fixed a bug in reading 1-row data files
  - allow (consistently) '&', ':', and '?' in variable and
    group names
  - added the math functions nofx(), join(), and slice() for
    array manipulations
  - further tweaks to configuration procedure.

There are a few more details are in the ChangeLog. I hope to
get changes to the Reference Manual posted within a week.

The Windows installer now includes the current versions of
Athena, Artemis, Atoms, SixPack, and GIFEFFIT.

I have not tried this version on Mac OS X.  The installation
using Fink and PGPLOT (not to mention Perl/Tk for Athena and
Artemis) on Mac OS 10.2 seems especially fragile.

For future work, the changes at the top of my list include:
  - adding an automated way to have feffit() apply more than
    1 k-weight at a time, to help overcome the k-dependent
    biases due to the high correlations of XAFS parameters.
  - trying to improve the pre-edge subtraction and
    normalization algorithms.
  - getting the docs up-to-date.
  - working on changing the interface of Feff6 so that it
    can be included in Ifeffit.

The still seem to be unresolved issues with QEXAFS data, and
probably other things that should be done.  Suggestions for
improvements or added features are welcome.  In fact, I'd like
to ask everyone to think about what features you'd like to see
added or changed.


--Matt Newville

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