[Ifeffit] new version of Athena and new Windows installer package

Bruce Ravel ravel at phys.washington.edu
Thu Feb 6 09:10:47 CST 2003

Hi Folks,

There is a new version of Athena (0.8.013) ready for use.  Along with
several small bug fixes are significant improvements to Athena's (but,
sadly, not Artemis's) documentation.  Because the new documentation
involves lots of external files, there is a new version of the big
Windows installer on Matt's web site.  Unix and OSX people should grab
the latest source code tarball from my web site.  Windows people
should grab the latest installer package from Matt's web site.

Along with some work on the on-line document, I have written a
selection of demos for Athena.  The demos are project files with data
that demonstrates some feature of Athena and Ifeffit and uses the
journal space to provide an explanation and suggestions for things to
try to better understand the demonstrated feature.  You can browse the
demo projects by selecting the appropriate item from the Help menu.
When you read in a project that way, the journal will automatically
open up so you can start reading about the feature being

For many of you on this list, the demos probably explain things with
which you are already familiar.  But check them out -- you may learn
about a feature you didn't know about.  And, as you introduce new
users to Athena, point them in the direction of the demo projects.


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