[Ifeffit] a pgplot question

Matt Newville newville at cars.uchicago.edu
Tue Apr 15 17:32:13 CDT 2003

Hi Bruce,

> The attachement is a screenshot of the PGPLOT window that was left
> lying around from the last time I fired up athena.  My question is
> about the large white-space gutter around the plot.  Is there some way
> that I don't know about of reducing the size of that gutter?  That is,
> can I expand the bounding box around the plot to be much closer to the
> size of the window?
Currently, this is not configurable from ifeffit.  In fact, I
think this is the default spacing for PGPLOT:  I don't have
'throw away 25% of the area' hard-wired in!  It's possible
that this could be changed, but I'd have to look into it.

On the other hand, PGPLOT is pretty awful and it might not be 
worth trying to fix it....  

> Also, what exactly does the reset argument to plot() do?  And what is
> the most reliable way to get pgplot to *not* write a legend entry for
> a plot?  Is it plot(a.x, a.y, key="")?

'reset' is intended to reinitialize the plotting color and
symbol tables and restart the plotting device. I think it's
been broken, probably for awhile.  I'll look into fixing it.

'key=""' is supposed to cause no key to be written.  But it
appears that this is not working correctly either!!!  I'm
pretty sure this used to work.  It probably gotten broken in
1.0076.  At first pass, it looks easy to fix.

I hope (really! a month of beamtime will end Sunday!) to have
a new version late next week or early May with several bug
fixes and improvements, including ebinning of mu(E) data
during background subtraction, correct FTs from feffit() for
data on a kgrid=/=0.05, these plotting fixes for sure, and
hopefully multiple-k-weights in feffit(), a rebin() command,
improvements to diffkk() and probably a few other things...


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