[Ifeffit] a pgplot question

Paul Fons paul-fons at aist.go.jp
Thu Apr 17 01:15:11 CDT 2003

I have been like a fly on the wall, listing in on posts to this list, 
but I thought I would volunteer another graphics library that may be 
worth considering over pgplot, namely plplot.  As i recall we had a 
brief discussion of what could replace pgplot earlier, but in the 
interim, I found plplot (http://plplot.sourceforge.net/).  This is LGPL 
software (on sourceforge) that handles most scientific plots and is 
accessible from both C, C++ and Fortran (among others like Python and 
TCL).  It looks like it handles most scientific plotting needs.  There 
are example pages at the link above as well.  Is it worth a look?


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